Sailiing in the Vast Sea of Trouble

Like any typical young man his age, Reynaldo Flores enjoyed his merry-making nights. He had colorful booze days as a seaman with his colleagues. With liquor pouring like rain day after day, matched with fat-laden fave, pork, he and buddies would gulp and chow like tomorrow’s already doomsday. It was fun, after all. Besides, he was bursting with stamina as just-a-twenty-something youth.

Until his age grew almost double, Reynaldo embraced his pastime with much delight. But, as luck would have it, he grew ill at the age of 42. He stopped his drinking habit. He’s over the laklak days that weakened his bodily condition and eventually resulted in his sickness.

Or so he promised!

For two years of gaining back his strength, Reynaldo had been missing his friends and their ”talks” over ice-cold bottles of alcohol. He was back, indeed; he had to make up for the lost time.

And back was another weakening illness, only this time, more hard-hitting than the previous. At 47, Reynaldo experienced several complications.

It started with his urine one day growing thick and oddly more yellowish. His ”crazy” tummy on the other hand pressed him to vomit often, not to mention his terrible body pains. He would have ignored such conditions had his family not noticed the yellowing of his eyes and darkening of the skin on his face. A swollen left leg and dimming sight added to his resolve to seek medical help.

Hepatitis B struck Reynaldo. His physician added that his condition could not be totally cured; he’d remain a carrier of it for the rest of his life. Regrettably, still, the medicines given by the doctor, supposedly for alleviating his sickness, do not work well. Reynaldo could only hear himself repeatedly saying, ”tsk tsk tsk” under a cloud of depression. He knew he needed the mighty hands of the Divine.

Still gloomy about he doctor’s findings, Reynaldo suddenly saw a hint of a bright way out: his friend is an active DXN distributor, he remembered. Some years earlier, Mr. Rosauro Bacus, Sr. earned Reynaldo’s confidence on RG-GL after a positive effect of the product on the latter’s cancerous cyst in the left shoulder. He, however, did not continue his supposed RG-GL regimen upon feeling well.

As advised by Rosauro, Reynaldo befriended RG-GL once again – taking 30 capsules of each product everyday – and included 12 tablets of Spirulina.

Reynaldo had been somehow worried during the first week of his RG-GL and Spirulina habit ”I noticed that there were some red dots on my stomach.. my legs swelled greater. I was vomiting more frequently and my sight grew dimmer.”

More bothersome changes added to Reynaldo”s nuisance. His tummy pain was growing. His urine, coming at 10-15 minute intervals, turned brownish. His legs swelled to an unusual size. He”s irritated by body heat.

Curiously troubled, Reynaldo sought the opinion of Rosauros, who told him that what he goes through is all part of the detoxification process. Reynaldo kept his trust on his friend and on the DXN products.

Reynaldo felt better after a couple of days. Gone was whose pain; vanished was the annoying body heat. He could see more clearly and realized that his leg had improved. To confirm the favorable changes, he sought medical checkup. The doctor�s findings had Reynaldo verify that his liver, kidneys, and pancreas were normally functioning.

Reynaldo has held on to his DXN habit, now keeping six tablets each of RG, GL, and Spirulina as part of his daily supplements. ”At present, I am healthy and happy. I thank God who saved my life by giving me DXN products,” he said.