Purpose Born on A Second Chance

He was breathing rather differently when he was born. He was touted as a blue boy, whose abnormal respiratory rate gave him black lips whenever he cried. He would gasp for air shortly after he was given his much needed breastfed milk.

Kemp Pring had pains takingly undergone such complications for having two holes in his heart, made even worse by blocked ventricles – congenital disease that read Tetralogy of Fallot. in his medical record.

A year passed and doctors advised Vilma, the mother, that Kemp had to undergo heart surgery to save the life of her beloved. But financial limitations, as well as the toddler’s unhealthy state at the time, immediately saw the supposed operation’s constraints.

In preparation, however, Kemp had undergone medication for improving and strenghtening his body system. But colds and cough, and constant mucous in the ears were among the side effects that the kid had to succumb to.

Distributor Noel Bercasio learned about Kemp’s case and brough the good news of RG GL to Vilma. Having been to an unsuccessful attempt early on, the doing mother was skeptical and at the same time afraid to try another regimen on the frail body of her son, who then was five years old. But Noel was persistent and confident himself of the products that he finally lured Vilma to try RG GL. From one pair on the first ingestion, Kemp’s intake was gradually increased week after week.

With all the Risks Involved

Kemp showed signs of readiness for the operation after six months of taking the products. Gone were his coughmucous days. Doctor’s findings confirmed his healthy state. Physicians warned the anxious mother, though: Kemp’s going under the knife might leave his child’s life hanging by the thread. Divine intervention, they said, is a must. “I love my son. Do everything you can. I know he’ll susrvive,” was Vilma’s determined reply. The kid’s words made his mom even more positive. “I’ll be back mama, I know I can get through this.”

The ailing child spent a day at the ICU. The restless yet hopeful mother kept praying during the course of the operation: ” Lord, take my child if u must. But I know I did something for my child’s welfare, to fight off his ailment. I am confident that you will give me my son back.”

Vilma welcomed the following day with answered prayers, even with a few bonuses. Kemp was transferred to a provate room, with great signgs of stability after just 2 1/2 hours (8 supposedly, said the physician). He spent a day in the recovery room, two days shy of his supposed stay.

Vilma could not believe all those where happening, and so was Kemp’s attending physician, who learned from the now joyful mother about RG GL. The doctor, who expressed his amazement of the shild’s unusually strong body resistance for and fast recuperation period adfter the operation, “approved” of the regimen of the food supplement.

The exit doors of the Heart Center were opened on February 2, 2006 for Kemp and vilma with the doctor’s note on the child’s clinical abstract that read: “patient was noted to be stable, comfortable, and afebrile.”

Birth of Mission

Having witnessed the potency of RG GL, Vilma has set her mind to accomplishing yet another endeavor: “I do not want to use my education on something unproductive and untruthful. I have seen the good effects of the product to my child; I want to share its wonders with other people. If they eventually sign up as members, it will just be a bonus.”

Now I’m planning to promote DXN and its products to those whose family members have physical ailments – try the product and see how it might work with them.”

Source: http://www.dxnphil.com/testimonials/health09.php