Lessons from the Unexpected

The sun was about to set that busy afternoon. The long day is almost over; but Gershon Seguro has not the slightest idea that October 11, 2005 would welcome the night, albeit unusually, for him.

Gershon was almost at the tail of his itineraries for the day. He was readying himself for home when an uncanny feeling struck him: he seemed like a lit candle that’s slowly melting. While resting, hoping to ease out his strange feeling, doubts played on his mind. “Sir, 180/110” broadcasts a nurse-distributor who determined his blood pressure.

Gershon took five pairs of RG GL and swept the floor of his Service Center. His doubts turned to perplexity upon realizing that the left portion of his body was slowly growing numb.

Gershon got more bewildered when, on the way home from his office on the third floor, he could not anymore move his left leg. He felt the need to doze off when he got home but quickly changed his mind in fear of unanswered confusions in his mind brought about by his condition.

A physician at the ICU of Heart Center shed light on his queries at 9 PM – cerebral stroke had been weakening his system. “Had you gone much earlier, we could have given you initial relieving process” conveyed his doctor.

Gershon had to endure various changes: he requires wheelchair for moving; his jaws became unaligned after some time. He was breathing differently; “it was as if no air comes in or out of my nostrils because my nose grew numb as well.” On his third day in the ICU, he could no longer move any part of his body.

Confident on DXN products, Gershon maintained his RG GL regimen, only this time with increased dosage of 30 pairs a day, contents removed from capsules and mixed with water.

Gershon stayed in the ICU for seven days – far shorter than even the other patients who were admitted before him. For two months thereafter, he religiously maintained his 30-30 RG GL habit. His wife, thankfully, became the ultimate extension of his arms and legs – literally and figuratively, that is.

One day, Gershon surprised his physician of his fast recuperation. A practically speechless doctor welcomed a smiling patient, minus the wheelchair, and beaming with regained vitality. Although the doctor prescribed some drugs for his further healing, Gershon opted to put his confidence on the “cheaper, more potent” DXN products. “My blood pressure has stayed normal even without taking what my doc prescribed” he said.


Gershon admits to being a workaholic – a disposition he knew gave him stress, but which he thought could be alleviated by merrymaking with liquor and fat-rich foods. Diagnosed of hypertension even before his stroke attack, he ignored the medical advice of having his blood tested.

“When you are already bedridden, your family grows hungry because you can not attend to your responsibilities anymore; and all the things that you worked for suddenly may be squandered” he realized of his stroke attack.

Gershon now believes that being in virtually perfect health condition does not give one a passport to pushing his/her body beyond the healthy state. “Proper exercise, proper food intake, proper rest, and avoiding stress, coupled with faith along with action” says Gershon about one’s quest for optimum health.


Gershon and his attending physician are both witnesses to his (Gershon’s) unparalleled pace of recuperation, if he is to be compared with the seven other patients he has come to know at the ICU. “Only three, that includes me, where able to go home. I am the only one who can walk among us.” For this, he stressed his belief on the potency of RG GL: “The power of mushroom cannot be questioned because of my case. This incident proved further that our products are potent for conditions such as what I experienced.” Had it not been for his DXN supplement, “I would not have the stroke attacking gradually as I experienced, rather, just like in most cases, it could have been so sudden and swift.”

Source: http://www.dxnphil.com/testimonials/health09.php