Law of Healing

Nature’s Laws of Self Healing
“Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine & Thy Medicine be Thy Food”
                                                       – Hippocrates “father of medicine”

Let Us Remember: The body is best healer in itself!
Think how our ancestors survived longer and enjoyed life to its best, without today’s available Medico-Hi-fi systems and medicines.
Experts claims since ages that “All cure / healing starts from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared or been suppressed”.
We don’t catch diseases, we are responsible to create them by breaking down the natural defenses, especially ignoring bad effects on the immune system, by the way we eat, drink, think and living stressed all the time.


  • No one gets sick from a lack of medicines or health oriented supplements!
  • Initial Symptoms of Disease are the alarming sign of healing effort given by the body itself! Normally ignored inviting troubles to the body itself.
  • Treatments should not interfere with nutrients and the body’s natural healing and detoxifying processes. 
  • All of the living spices/creature on this planet require a minimum balance of nutrients in order to be physically and mentally alert and healthy. Such nutrients must be good for body building and not just to satisfy tongue taste, to satisfy hunger or energy needs.
  • Presence of toxins/poisons substance create symptoms and let us know malfunctioning of organs, diseases and illnesses, which are “first signs” the body let us know of poor condition of the body.
  • You state of health reflects what you eat! Healthy naturally grown food and by taking nature’s herbal medicinal value based  produce like Ganoderma/Rishi/Lingzhi  for example ” is medicine in itself. As – Hippocrates “father of medicine” Only the body can heal itself. IF it is provided all of the nutrients necessary for health, and if toxins/poisons and damaging foods are eliminated.
  • Diseases are caused by lack of imbalance in nutrition and a build-up of toxins and other bad elements collected by body with today’s Junk Food intake in abundance.
  • “Excess of food intake or medicines is not advisable” when treating poor health conditions. Therefore treatment of individual symptoms should not be prolonged. Treatments should only be only limited to assist the body to recover, without overdosing or interfering with the natural system like adequate rest, sleep etc.
  • The body slowdown or stop the healing processes if it becomes overloaded or confused with multiple treatments, i.e. too many different kinds at one time, treatments continued over long periods of time, too high of an amount of dose, treatments that are too harsh or invasive, etc., even if such treatments are natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc. Stick to advice of trusted Medicare specialist not to the experience of others who recovered from disease as no two human bodies are similar to response of same medicine or food. 

Generally healing process starts from the deepest part of the body (the vital organs) to the more superficial external levels, i.e. from the internal organs towards the skin and extremities. This means we must allow the body to recover by cleansing by various systems/therapies. In order for the body to eliminate toxins it must be allowed to do so by not suppressing any kind of discharge. Consult your Doctor if persist for longer time.
Normally Healing progresses from the top of the body to the bottom. Therefore, someone with arthritis in many joints will generally notice relief in the upper part of the body before the lower part.
It is believed by many therapies that healing progresses in a definite order, going in reverse chronological order, from the most recent illnesses to the oldest, and in the process of cure a person may re-experience previous symptoms, also called re-tracing symptoms.
This means that usually the last symptom someone has experienced is the first symptom to be dealt with by the body in the reversal process.
For knowledge, let’s say the last illness was a sinus infection and a suppressive medication was used to stop any sneezing, coughing, dripping nose or sinus drainage. In order for the body to heal itself it must eliminate toxins that were previously suppressed, which is mainly the medication.
It might eliminate them through the skin causing breakouts, rashes, etc. or it could eliminate them through the intestines by creating diarrhea or inflammation. These are just a few ways the body heals itself.
The natural healing process may begin once the person is completely on the diet and taking all of the natural supplements, which together provide all of the nutrients the body requires in order to heal itself like known effects of miracles medicinal Mushroom herb Ganoderma/Rishi/Lingzhi.