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General Information About the Reishi Mushroom

Reishi: The Mushroom of Immortality

Reishi and Traditional Chinese Art

Modern Studies of Reishi

1. Reishi and the Immune System – Wei Chi

2. Reishi and the Circulatory System – Blood Regulators/Spleen Chi Tonic

3. Reishi and the Liver

4. Reishi and the Central Nervous System – Shen Tonic/Stabilizer

Fu Zheng Therapy

Other Health Effects of Reishi

Using Reishi

Closing Remarks

 The following is a published article on the Reishi Mushroom by:

James G. Rea-Bailey – The Tea Garden Herbal Emporium

Patiala Uni Articke on Gano

SS Saini, NS Atri – From Ethnomycology to Fungal Biotechnology: Exploiting Fungi …, 1999 –
… benefrcial for lowering blood pressure, diabetes and constipation. … quite popular
for cancer treatment in Japan … l 996l prescribed four Ganoderma locidum capsules …

PAGE 41 art Patiala Uni SS SANI NS ATRI
On Diabe….