More Frequently Asked Questions about Ganoderma/Lingzi/Rishi

List of Questions:

 What is Ganoderma?
 What is RG/GL? What are the vital contents of RG/GL?
 Are RG and GL considered medicines?
 How Ganoderma (RG/GL) plays it role in improving health?
 What are the dosages for RG/GL for different type of health scenarios?
 Do I need to stop all the medications while taking Ganoderma (RG/GL)?
 As we know there is no adverse effects from taking pair of RG and GL. However,
       why some people reveals that after consuming RG/GL they feel body heat and sleepy ,
       especially at the beginning stage?
 How long I should take RG/GL?
 I am healthy why I should take RG/GL?
 Who can consume Ganoderma?

What is Ganoderma?
Ganoderma is a kind of mushroom.

Around the world we have approximately 38,000 varieties of mushroom, out of that only imate 2000 are edible and only imate 200 mushrooms have the therapeutic medicinal value.

Ganoderma is the number one in ranking. The top six species of Ganoderma put together under tissue culture method DXN produce its Ganoderma known as DXN Ganoderma.

What is RG/GL? What are the vital contents of RG/GL?
Reishi Gano (RG) and Ganocelium (GL) contain micro powder of Ganoderma.

RG is produced from fruit portion of 90 days old Ganoderma while GL is produced from root portion of 21 days old Ganoderma.

Whenever we refer RG and GL we mean DXN Ganoderma.

Are RG and GL considered medicines?
RG and GL are not medicines but the micro powder of Ganoderma. 100% organic and no chemicals or preservative added. It is a high quality food supplement.

How Ganoderma (RG/GL) plays it role in improving health?
To answer this first one has to understand why our health got detracts which leads our body gets into a unhealthy state. According to the researches, the reason for a body to become sick and weak, can be classified under two categories namely:
1. Toxins
All the unwanted substances for the human body, which enters our body, the main types are
1. External Toxins – harmful substances found outside the body; exposure to free radicals or referred to as outdoor toxins.
2. Internal Toxins – excessive amount of useful substances inside our body. Primary sources of which are:
a. cholesterol
b. sugar
c. salt
d. vitamins
The sources of External toxins are as follows:
a. The air we breathe
b. The water we drink
c. The food we eat
d. Cosmetics
e. Drugs etc.,

2. Imbalance of body organs due to Stress, Ageing, Habits and lifestyle

Here comes Ganoderma (RG and GL) and other DXN products into picture which tends to
1. Flash toxins out from the body
2. Normalize and balance the body function
3. Strengthen the immune system

Ganoderma is number one in adaptogen, so it is absolutely safe to consume Ganoderma for prolonged use. Adaptogen is used by herbalist to refer to a natural herb product that is proposed to increase the body’s resistance to stress, trauma, anxiety and fatigue.

What are the dosages for RG/GL for different type of health scenarios?
As we have already made it clear that RG/GL is not the medicine, the dosage of Ganoderma is also not based on the diseases. To determine the dosage for a person we classify him as a
1. Healthy person – Recommended consumption for healthy person is 2 to 3 pairs of RG/GL every day.

For children´s less than 5 years only GL is enough as maintenance dosage and from 5 to 12 years 1 to 2 pair of RG/GL is enough.

2. For Unhealthy Person we further classify them into 3 categories based on their body condition
i. Minor Problem: Take 3 to 6 pairs of RG and GL everyday
ii. Major Problem: Take 6 to 15 pairs of RG and GL per day
iii. Serious Problem: Use Mycodiet (Mega Dosage)

For unhealthy children ages between 6 and 12 they can take ½ of the above dosage

For unhealthy children ages less than 6 years old, they can take ⅓ or ¼ of the above dosage.

For children and older people who are very weak they can start with GL first as per the above dosage and include RG after 3 or 4 weeks.

Dosage should start with one pair per day for one week, 2 pairs per day for one week, 4 pairs per day for one week and until 6 pairs per day, maintain for one month and see if there is any progress. If the progress, you can maintain at 6 pairs. If there is no progress, increase to 9 pairs to 12 pairs. This is the good way of intake of RG/GL but we must monitor closely. It is also important to observe keenly the body conditions while taking pair of pairs of RG/GL during such certain period.

Do I need to stop all the medications while taking Ganoderma (RG/GL)?
No. Please do not stop your medication while taking Ganoderma. It will compliment all other types of treatment. In fact, it will help to reduce the adverse effects of other drugs and medicines. If a person feels healthier after taking Ganoderma, he/she can seek the doctor’s opinion if he/she can reduce the dosage of other medicines. If the doctor permits, he/she can reduce it.

As we know there is no adverse effects from taking pair of RG and GL. However, why some people reveals that after consuming RG/GL they feel body heat and sleepy , especially at the beginning stage?
As we have previously explained there is no any adverse effects in taking pair of RG and GL. But some times some people will get ailments and reaction due to the following reasons, which is a very good sign:

After consuming Ganoderma it will start to detoxify and balance the body system.

While detoxification the toxins from our body have to be physically discharged. We have two types of toxin: one is water-soluble and another is non water-soluble. Water-soluble toxin will discharge through urine, sweat while the non water soluble will discharge through stools, vomiting and phlegm or through small rashes from the skin.

This entire phenomena of discharging bad odor or changing of color of urine and bad odor sweat, vomiting, even loose motion or constipation, or rashes are only temporary at the phase of toxins discharged from your body. You do not need to worry taking plenty of water to help the body during the discharge process.

And while your body in the process of balancing you may feel sleepy (please note that there is no such word as “sleepiness”) or tired or what ever the ailment reflection will be the only temporary . You do not need to worry on the ailment process and its effect. If you feel that the indications of ailment are severe and not bearable, reduce the dosage into half and take plenty of water. Once the indications are reduced increase the dosage according to the prescribed level.

Do not stop taking Ganoderma because of the above reasons. All are not caused by Ganoderma it is caused by your body. If you stop taking Ganoderma, it won´t give any adverse effects but the process of actions of Ganoderma will come to an end. (Please refer the flow chart attached here with for better understanding)

How long I should take RG/GL?
First we have to understand RG/GL is not for people suffering from illness or disease it is also for the healthy person to perform the preventive role, by detoxifying day-to-day toxins and keep the body system in a healthy state.

For unhealthy people follow the dosage, for at least 6 to 8 months. If a person feels healthier then he can reduce the dosage as maintenance from 2 to 3 pairs, which is recommended for everybody.

I am healthy why I should take RG/GL?
To answer this question first we have to understand that RG/GL is not meant for the disease people. The action of RG/GL is to promote good health. A healthy people can be acquired an illness or any type of disease if not taken care of their health. We know that we are taking toxins, are we doing anything to remove these toxins? If the answer is No then RG/GL is also suitable for the healthy people to safe guard their health.

Who can consume Ganoderma?
Anybody and everybody can take Ganoderma, which tends to promote the following benefits for different groups of people.

1. For Pregnant Women:
Ganoderma tends to promote – physical strength, better mental condition, Good nutrition, better immunity, and hormonal balance. It also helps safe and healthy delivery of child. It also helps to recover to its normal condition faster after delivery.
Note: It is advisable to take Ganoderma after 1st trimester of pregnancy and 3 months from the confirmation of pregnancy. The reason is due to chances or possibility of miscarriage within first three months. It was perceived that some times people may feel that miscarriage occurred after taking Ganoderma. To avoid this, it is advisable to take Ganoderma after three months.

2. For Infants:
Ganoderma helps promote good nutrition, strong immunity, strong physique, better brain development and overall growth.

3. For Growing Children:
Ganoderma helps protect from infections, enhance concentration in studies, obtain stress-free, achieve higher energy level and gain better health development.

4. For Teenagers:
Ganoderma can be used as the best cosmetic skin beautification, which help to become free from allergies, while preserving youthfulness, reducing pimples and preventing from hair loss.

5. For Married couples:
Ganoderma helps promote health vigor and vitality, good sexual performance, reduces mental stress and tension. It also helps protect from any type of diseases and disorders, fertility and potency improvement, and delayed aging process.

6. For Senior Citizens:
Ganoderma helps protect from diseases brought by aging and offers good health and energy.

7. For Sick people:
Good for detoxification and regeneration of body cells.
Compliments all other types of medical treatment for faster recovery