Japan and China has Already listed Ganoderma as Functional & Natritive Health Food and HEALTH Main Taining Food Supplement.

U.S.A– GANODERMA FOOD SUPPLEMENTS have been legalized already in the USA. President Clinton has ruled a new Category:“The Food Subsituted For Medicine”, for the purpose of reducing the budget of Medical Insurance and activating the economy, which can be read in the “Law of Nutrition & Education”(1990).In 1994,the”Law of Nutrition, Health & Education” took effect where the Health-Maintaining Food is listed into a new category in between general food and normal medicines.These polosies could be duplicated and followed by World.

Moreover, in addition to the liberty of academic research and publishing,commercial promoting freedom shall be granted. These are the preliminany conditions, by which this Health-Maintaining Food could be published freely to inform and familiarize the public.

INDIA – The same Policy have been followed by Govt Of India by allowing Ganoderma to be sold & Promoted as an Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine with absolute Safety.

Olympic 2008 – Health Drink
Because of Unlimited Health Maintaining Potential of Ganoderma without side effects. It has been Declared Official Health Drink of Beizing Olympic 2008.