Holistic Treatment

Ganoderma maintains good health, treat Diseases.
in Holistic way.   

Human body has since ages, been referred to as the best doctor. There are remedies available in natural herbs for almost all kinds of diseases. The real need is to know and understand them.

Mother nature has empowered the human body with a wonderful element, the body’s natural defence system Called the ”lmmune System”. If this immune system is in perfect order, our body has the tremendous potential to deal with any kind of ailment which afflicts the body. The immune system remains strong if we nurture our bodies with judicious and nutritious eating habits, sleeping habits and proper exercise.

But, unfortunately, owing to the changing life styles, our immune system has, over the years, been gradually and constantly deteriorating. There are many factors contributing towards this decline. We are living in an environment loaded with numerous kinds of toxins, which is affecting our health through the food, water and the air, by playing havoc with our immune system.

The medical science has made tremendous advances all over the world. Inspite of that, more and more people are getting afflicted with diseases. In the present times, “Health”, in real terms, has become a rarity. Medical science, despite so many advances, is finding itself difficult lo cope with the ever-increasing diseases and disorders.

The world is looking up to the alternative systems of medicine and holistic approach to tackle the ever-increasing health problems and ailments. To achieve this, more and more stress is being given to the naturally growing herbs and researchers are working to unfold the mysterious healing potential of the herbs.

One such herb has recently drawn the attention, of scientists globally. This is a mushroom, known by the botanical name “Ganoderma lucidum”. In Japan, it is known as ‘Reishi’ in China as ‘Lingzhi’. It is, being used in China for the last nearly 5000 yrs, and is known as ‘A Mushroom Of Longevity And Immortality’.

There are 38000 varieties of mushrooms known to mankind, out of which six have been identified to have powerful therapeutic medicinal value. These six are popularly known as ‘Red Reshi’. ‘During the last about 30 yrs., lot of scientific and medical research has been done on reishi. in many countries. Scientists at the ‘National Research Centre for Mushrooms’ at Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India have also done extensive research on Ganoderma.

Dr. Lim Slow Jin, a Malaysian Scientist (a graduate of Indian institute of Technology, Kharagpur), researched on ‘Ganoderma and human health’ for more than 10 yrs, and was awarded Ph.D. in holistic medicine in 1997. In the year 2002, he was honoured with various awards – Doctorate of Science, Millennium Award, Albert Schweitzer Award, etc.

In 1993, Dr, Lim used a special technique to combine the six Varieties of red reishi and produced GANO (The name of the company Dr, Lim established in Malaysia in 1993).

Since its inception about 10 yrs. ago has spread to about 40 countries (and is ^rowing fast) arid is winning acclaim all over. There am lens of thousands of testimonials globally to prove the worth of this product, which include skin diseases, diabetes, high as well as low blood pressure, arthritis, heart diseases, paralysis, cancers, childless couples, asthma, allergic disorders, nervous disorders, kidney stones and failure, epilepsy, obesity, liver disorders, ulcers, high cholesterol, migraine, piles, sinusitis, Sexual disturbances, menstrual irregularities, etc.

Ganoderma is not a medicine. It is a naturally growing mushroom, which is a health food supplement with no side effects or harmful effects, whatsoever. Its basic action is at the cellular level – to cleanse and detoxify the cells, balance the body systems and in the process strengthen the body’s Immune System, which takes core of the various disorders in the body,

Ganoderma is Health Specific and not disease or symptom specific. “There is no room for disease in a healthy body.

Minnesota (USA) bused Institute of Natural Products Research has cited its benefits in Diabetes, High Cholesterol, liver disorders, atherosclerosis (major cause of heart diseases), etc.

A study conducted by the Meridian Medical Group at the Institute of Medicine and Department of Medicine, Cornell Medical College has appreciated the role of Ganoderma supplementation in Cancer Management.

The prestigious Japanese doctor, Dr. Fukumi Morishige, M.D., Ph.D., a researcher at the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and Medicine (an American Institute that has been awarded the most Nobel Prizes) who has used Ganoderma on hundreds of cancer patients, comments : “During my practice, I have obtained outstanding results using reishi cither as a preventive measure or during the course of treatment”.

In 1994, Mr. Chang of Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre suggested further studies on the use of Ganoderma for prevention and treatment of cancer.

In a study conducted at the University of Texas Health Science Centre, San Antionio (USA), Ganodcrma’s potential as an anti-inflammatory agent has been identified, Its role in prevention of Alzheimer’s disease (an old age brain disorder) and cardiovascular diseases has also been reported.

A study frorn the Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical Unjverity describes the inhibitory effects of Ganoderma against HIV-1.

Till date about 250 active components have been isolated from Ganoderma lucidum. Lot of work and research still needs to be conducted to fully understand its miraculous properties.

But there should be no rebuttals about its being called the ‘King of Herbs’.

“Trust Ganoderma-King of Herbs”

‘Ganoderma/Reshi/Lingzhi’ – ‘A Mushroom Of Longevity And Immortality’.