Gano In Action

“…on ruptured internal organs, amputation, dropping red blood count and high blood-sugar level”

Faster than expected

Ervin Bartolay was on his way to fetch his wife on a gloomy night of Feb. 2, 2004 when a tragic motorcycle accident happened that caused him heavy internal organ damages. His liver suffered the most with severe ruptures that caused internal bleeding.

On the brink of passing out, he was brought to the Ospital ng Makati after receiving first-aid from a military hospital at The Fort. There, findings showed that he had to undergo liver packing – a delicate surgical process to repair his ruptured liver.

After the operation, Ervin’s doctors required him to be confined in the hospital for a month to monitor his progress and ensure that he recovers from the damages caused by the terrible accident.

Barely able to talk, Ervin asked Ricky Alfaro, a DXN distributor, if he can start taking RG/GL with a strong belief that it would hasten his recovery.

Ricky immediately called up Dr. Danilo Sadsad, one of DXN’s accredited speakers who conducts Ganotherapy, and asked for advice. The good doctor said, as soon as his attending physician allowed him to take solid foods he can also begin with his RG/GL regimen.

With the green light on, Ervin right away started taking 10 pairs of RG/GL every morning, for the two weeks that he stayed in the hospital.

A remarkable development showed by X-ray results surprised both he and his doctor. His liver recovered in half the time expected, a remarkable development that prompted his doctor to consent his release from the hospital.

On the week following his confinement, he resumed networking while he decreased his RG/GL intake by five capsules each per day, which he later again reduced to two pairs after another couple of weeks.

He even started playing basketball within less than two months after the accident.

As it is known, Ganoderma’s natural components – polysaccharide, organic germanium, adenosine, triterpenoides and ganoderic essence – help detoxify the body, thus enhance the body systems’ function and promote cell regeneration.

Ervin maintains that since the accident, never had he felt any abnormalities in his bodies.

Prime Hope at A Prime Age

At age 61, nothing can be more tragic than to lose a part of the body, perhaps next to death. To some this may mean the end, but to Senior Star Diamond Felisa Gatchalian-Lalas, it’s just the beginning, a new dawn of health, wealth and financial freedom.

Her leg was too late to be saved when it was discovered that she has diabetes. The only promising solution – if it can be considered as one – is amputation, to stop the infection from consuming her body.

Devastated by what had transpired, Mrs. Lalas thought that there’s no hope left for her. Until one day, Crown Diamond Ester Langit visited her home and invited her to attend a Business Opportunity Meeting.

That was when a shed of hope had shone on her. Mrs. Lalas said, “Kaya ko yan,” after hearing CD Langit’s words, having faith that DXN can make her healthy on top of being wealthy.

She immediately registered with DXN after the seminar and sold 10 bags of Lingzhi coffee 3-in-1 on the same day. That was also when she started taking RG/GL.

First she took two pairs of RG/GL, daily, for a week in addition to the Black Coffee and Spica Tea that she instantaneously become fond of.

It was also within the same week when she noticed she was gaining strength. She increased her intake by another two pairs, which she maintained for a month. “I take four pairs only (RG/GL) per day. Sabi nila iba-iba daw ang reaksyon ng tao sa RG/GL, pero sa akin mabilis nag-react,” she said.

Her husband used to carry her on his back every time they purchase DXN products at the upper floor of the building where the nearest DXN Service Center in their area was located. Miraculously, sooner than expected, she was able to go up and down the stairs without her husband’s help.

People who know her were amazed with her fast recovery, and some even can’t believe that she can walk – though with heavy prosthetic leg – given her age. Their town’s mayor, who happened to be in the same situation, heard of Mrs. Lalas’ remarkable recovery and asked her what has she been doing to keep her health. Mrs. Lalas shared her knowledge of the products, which turned the mayor into Volume Pills a DXN product consumer.

As for her wound, she used Ganozhi Body foam along with boiled guava leaves to cleanse it. Surprisingly, it healed within just a month without any infection incurred. According to researchers, Ganoderma lucidum serves as a substitute to insulin to inhibit release of fatty acids. It regulates blood glucose and high urine glucose. Furthermore, Ganoderma helps the immune system maintain its normal function in fighting infection and cell regeneration.

Surprised with the development, his son, who is a medical doctor by profession, advised her to continue taking DXN products after he himself witnessed the difference that it brought.

“Kung wala yang RG/GL at yung mga kape, ewan ko na lang, sa kalagayan kong ito na putol ang paa. Mrs. Lalas said, showing her gratefulness for having been introduced to DXN.

Preventing History From Repeating Itself

Betty Naing was overwhelmed with fright when her youngest daughter, Maria Belle, began to show exactly the same symptoms which her elder son experienced before passing away – fearing that the still fresh pain of the incident will be repeated.

At age 11, Belle’s brother, Richie Boy was diagnosed with anemia, though he had frequently consulted with doctors and was transfused with blood often, his worsening state had not been abated.

Finally, he was advised to have his bone marrows checked. It was only then that they discovered he had leukemia, on it’s advanced stage. It was too late to be cured.

Faced with dread of what could happen to Belle, Betty tried almost everything to improve her daughter’s condition, to the point that her family sacrificed their meals just to have the money to buy Belle’s medicines.

She made it a point that her daughter would have her medication. They even moved in to another house near the sea, which the doctor said could help improve her constitution. However, everything she did proved ineffectual, Belle’s health continued to get worse.

Belle, just like her late brother, was anemic. The oxygen supply to her brain from the blood was low and way beyond normal, thus she often lost consciousness. And worse her blood sugar was very high which caused the weakening of her muscle that left her like a vegetable – she cannot even stand up. Her hair was falling off and spots showed on her skin, more on her back and spinal area. Her lips were so pale that even if she bit on it, it won’t turn red.

Out of desperation and left with almost no other options, Betty sighed, saying “bahala na magkautang-utang, ang mahalaga gumaling.”

When it reached the point that Belle can barely support her body to walk or even just to stand up, she was refused to be accepted in school and soon she was confined in a hospital on late March 2003. That was when Betty decided to give her DXN products, which was introduced to them by one of her son’s friend.

While still confined in the hospital, in mid-April, Belle started taking 15 pairs of RG/GL and 12 tablets of Spirulina daily before breakfast. She also had Cocozhi as her liquid support, though sometimes she consumes it without water. Though Belle could be allowed to get out of the hospital , her doctor hinted that she might end up in a wheelchair, another dreadful scene that Betty could not accept.

Miraculously, after a month of confinement, Belle managed to walk again, however, she still felt weak. The following months, she was able to go out and attend church services. She just continued the same DXN product regimen.

In August, her skin particularly her lips and other parts of the body started to return their natural color. And finally, on September of the same year, she totally recovered – as shown in her medical certificates.

Another thing is, Belle’s hair with the use of Ganozhi shampoo became fuller and thicker. “Yung shampoo natin ang pinaka-grabeng nakakatuwa, kasi nung una ang buhok ko napakanipis, ngayon kumapal sya ng todo,” she noted.

Based on studies, active natural components of Ganoderma like polysaccharide helps regulate glucose in the body. It also contains iron which is necessary for the formation of myoglobin that supplies oxygen to the body (also present in Spirulina).

The best part is, most of the money that they used for buying RG/GL, Spirulina and Cocozhi came from Betty’s networking. “Kung wala ang DXN, di ko rin alam kung saan ako kukuha ng pambili ng product,” she said.