Back to Her Prime After What Seems Like a Losing Battle

She has exuded that energetic aura for so long. Her family members have also been used to her appetite-full eating spree during meal time. That’s why it came as a big surprise to Naty’s kins when she became the reverse of her lively self.

Her skin gradually turned darker (hyperpigmenation) while her delight for food, even her favorites, was growing lower and lower each day. Worse, she’d occasionally cry over her painful flank. Other changes ensued day after day, that, to Naty’s relatives, were signs that nothing good should be hoped for anymore. In fact they thought she’d leave the world in no time.

But even with finances going on downward slope, Naty’s family members managed to have her undergo several medical tests and procedures. When they learned about the physician’s diagnosis, that’s when her loved ones understood the surprising changes Naty had gone through. Her creatinine level had increased, the medical report indicated. Simply put, her kidney was weakening or was not functioning well.

For nine months, Naty would regularly get face to face with hemodialysis – a machine that mimics the natural work of the kidney by filtering wastes from the blood and returning it clean to the body. For nine months, she’d ask herself when her condition would eventually be better. She took medicine that her doctor prescribed but they seem to work so slowly. Regular check-up results pokies machines would accompany her homeward; feeling rather frustrated for her creatinine levels that won’t subside. She wished she had something more potent in reversing her poor physiological state.

“..she is grateful that finally, she doesn’t have to deal with the trouble that dialysis brings..”

And just as she hoped for, Naty got to know RG-GL and Spirulina. As suggested by DXN member Juanita Ballesteros, Naty kept a regimen of 3 pairs each of RG and GL, and 12 tablets of Spirulina, staggered in four different times in a day.

The regimen went on for days then for weeks. One day, Naty received her physician’s review of her condition; a surprisingly low level of creatinine was clearly printed on the white medical report. And surprisingly delightful even, Naty realized that she had maintained her RG-GL and Spirulina habit for just barely two weeks.

Naty is not regretful though that she had gotten introduced to DXN’s products not until after nine month. In fact she is grateful that finally, she doesn’t have to deal with the trouble that dialysis brings – both financially and physically.

The active turned sickly Naty has regained her healthy state – complete with that enthusiastic outlook in life, and a favorable fondness for eating. She is again in the pink of health – a state that she hopes to maintain even when her mane had already turned gray.