Morinzhi for overall Well-Being

(Botanical name: Morinda Citrifolia)

The goodness of consuming Noni helps to support the Immune System; Digestion and Intestinal health; Inflammation and overall Well-Being. Antioxidants contained in Noni can assist in the maintenance of Healthy Skin, Hair and Scalp; and also help in the elimination of free radicals. The enzymatic reactions that occur with taking Noni juice on an empty stomach, is believed to set cellular repair into motion.

Dr. Ralph Heinicke first began to study the compounds in Noni in the 1970`s at the University of Hawaii. There, he discovered a key phytonutrient found in Noni called xeronine, which he patented in 1981. He found that this ingredient, as well as proxeronine – which makes up the building blocks of xeronine – played a key role in Noni’s ability to assist in the management of pain.

The body already makes some proxeronine, and subsequently, xeronine, but it tends to be in short supply relative to demands for it throughout the body.  

The primary function of xeronine in the body is to regulate the shape and rigidity of certain proteins and help manage a wide range of physiological responses. Normally, proxeronine is stored in the liver and is periodically released into the bloodstream for absorption by organs as needed. Human tissue cells contain receptor sites for the absorption of xeronine. Regarding pain relief, xeronine converts certain brain receptor proteins into active sites for the absorption of endorphins.

Studies have shown an analgesic (pain relief) effect in a 1990 study of 10,000 patients testing the efficacy of Noni for a wide range of health issues, pain reduction was registered by 88% of the studies participants. While Noni has only minimal amounts of xeronine, it has enormous quantities of proxeronine, which is the precursor for xeronine that provides the raw materials for its production. Dr. Heinicke also found that Noni contains proxeroninase, an enzyme which plays a key role in the synthesis of xeronine and serotonin, a process which is enhanced even further when taken on an empty stomach.

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Noni or Morinzhi – is most commonly consumed as a liquid. Also suitable to apply directly onto skin problems or burns to soothe and relieve. Could aid in the process of ending alkaloid addiction ie: nicotine (try 1 tablespoon of Morinzhi every waking hour for 3 days. Hold it in the mouth for a few minutes, swishing under the tongue, for quick absorption into the cells, then swallow). In the case of Quitting smoking by stopping the cravings cycle – one must stop the intake of nicotine while on this course of Morinzhi, as the body had been accepting nicotine instead of what it really needs xeronine / proxeronine / proxeroninase.

Recommended for Everyone including Children.
HOW MUCH MORINZHI JUICE? 2 Tablespoons Daily For effective results, take ½ hour before meals!
Available in: 1 Bottle x 285ml Code 2009
1 Box of 6 bottles x 285ml Code 2010
Once opened, store in fridge as it keeps best when chilled !!